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All About NOOX App

With NavMeTo GPS navigation and Noox Optran, you will be able to manage effectively its organisation and track deliveries from the logistics platforms carried out by its own fleet and its partners and subcontractors fleets.

On the other hand, Noox solution enables you to optimise the management and the tracking of the last kilometre deliveries.

Thanks to its open architecture, Noox optran can interface with the market standard solutions (ERP, TMS and WMS) giving to your team the power to:

  •  Optimize its tours in a mono-asset mode for the goods deliveries and pickups
  •  Get real time update about the field events and the possible delays
  •  Assign new transportation orders on the fly during the workday to maximise the loading ratio of the vehicles …

Features That Matter

Easy and Efficient Trip Plane

Simplified, intuitive and ergonomic navigation ( online and offline)

Amazing App Features

Quick and easy address entry.
Shared address book and “preferences” in the cloud.

All Mode Navigation

Only one apps for all mode of transport guidance

Bike, Scooter, Van, Truck

You can use the same application for the entire fleet.

A Step Ahead

You have a real-time view of the delivery rounds

Taking into account events on the road

You automatically receive notifications in case of problems on delivery rounds.
Advance notification in case of inability to deliver on time.

Reduce Cost

Less distances traveled and Less fuel consumption

Beginners Drivers

Learning from the habits of experienced drivers using deep learning to improve the results of novice drivers.
Improve the performance of novice drivers.
Better management of subcontractors
The data is shared between the drivers.

Increasing Loading rate

Add merchandise pick-ups during a delivery tour

Assign commands when as are received

From the logistics center, it is possible to modify the delivery rounds of the drivers.
Assign new missions to load vehicles as much as possible.
Applicable to subcontractors, also.
Increase delivery rounds profitability.

Crowd Delivery

Sharing of delivery missions, with other companies

Sharing delivery rounds

Delegate unprofitable missions (In the case of missions outside the intended geographical area…)
To pool logistical resources and reduce fixed costs.
Improve the profitability of delivery rounds (Paid work…)

Noox Optran

Optran Demo

Manager Interface  SAAS mode

The manager has an accurate view of the use of his fleet In order to rationalize costs and detect abuses.
NOOX Optran generates a GHG emission ratio For each vehicle in the fleet.


One app for all your vehicles

  • Take into account  delivery mode(cargo tricycle, Vans, truck …) and attributes (size and weight).

  • Take into account  rectified delivery address setting and saved in work network.

  • Validate work achievement and send updates to backoffice realtime.

  • Integrate real-time traffic conditions and incidents for each delivery (feed backed to the logistic platform if overtime delivery.

  • Addresses automatically rectified based on real stop position.

  • POI added as a waypoint to the trip

  • POIs on the route: gas stations, parkings.

  • Navigation with or without internet connection with address autocomplete.
  • Correction of delivery addresses (deep learning technology)
  • Real Time Traffic information, speed cameras and speed limits.
  • Information about gas prices and parking spot prices and vacancies
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The tour optimisation calculation are decentralized and are now available through a mobile device. The app is used in conjunction with a reporting SaaS app.

  • Arrivals Time
  • Delay time

Who Are We

Philosophy We Strive For

NOOX project aims to generalise the use of tour optimisation tools to a wider corporate audience regardless of the companies sizes. The tour optimisation calculation are decentralised and are now available through a mobile device. The app is used in conjunction with a reporting SaaS app. This module allows an operations manager to interact in real time with the fleet and add or change a tour as the business requires.

Improved performance

Loading Rate 85%
reducing costs 30%
Reduction of travel distances 23%
Flexibility and Reactivity 100%
Parcel exchange Navmeto

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